...The Rest of The Story

From: Ron Tevonian - Webmaster

Ron, and his wife Dee, moved to Chicago from Columbus, Ohio, in 1997. He had just retired as Director of R&D at Bell Labs, and they chose Chicago "for the adventure". Ron soon joined the Chicago Architecture Center as a docent. He continued touring for 20 years until walking tours suffered the chilling impact of Covid. The old version of the "Evolution of The Skyscraper" tour linked well with Ron's interest in structure and building technology.

Ron joined a number of non-profit organizations and frequently found that his experience in data systems equipped him to make special contributions. He created a new on-line Docent Support system for his peers at the Chicago Architecture Center, he built a clients' record system for the Career Transitions Center, and a system for event and membership management for the Community Associates at the Art Institute of Chicago. The condo where they live uses an on-line system Ron built for managing the retrieval of cars in their valet-operated garage. He built the first website for Holy Name Cathedral, and is the webmaster for Assumption Church on Illinois Street where he and Dee worship.

There is a familiar old adage: "If your only tool is a hammer, you think of every problem as a nail". For Ron, that tool frequently has turned out to be a database.


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