...The Rest of The Story

From: Luigi Horne Mumford


  • Grade school in rural area west of Barrington, Illinois; High School, Middlebury, Conn.; BA: University of Colorado, Boulder; 1953; Elementary Education, Psychology and Art; BArch: Cornell University; 1959.
  • Elgin State Hospital’s Social Service Department, 1953
  • Fifth Grade teacher, Minneapolis
  • Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Chicago, 1959-68
  • Junior designer; worked on projects headed by Myron Goldsmith, Bruce Graham, John Weese, Walter Netsch.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago, 1986-02 Curatorial Department of Architecture, included representing AIC at ICAM

Volunteer Activities:

  • United States Air Force Ground Observer Corps, 1954-58;
  • Frances Parker School, 1969-86; variously: room-mother, lecturer, director, used book sale; also designed new telephone system.
  • Art Institute of Chicago, 1980-86: assisted Architectural Librarian/Curator
  • Society of Architectural Historians, 2002-23: doing whatever needed to be done.

Memberships: The Fortnightly of Chicago, The Chicago Literary Club, The Cliff Dwellers.

When asked "What was the best training to become an architect?" I reply":
1. Being a 5th grade teacher ... helped to deal with clients.
2. Being a psychiatric social worker ...helped to deal with other architects.

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