...The Rest of The Story

From: Jim Laukes

Jim Laukes pedaled his wandering ways past architectural history from Maywood past epic FLW homes in Oak Park. After St. Philip Basilica High, he went to universities in Maine, DeKalb, Evanston, New York, Lake Forest, University Park, and, later, Wales to explore media arts, anthropology and resource planning. Curiously, matters flowed into doing “light shows” reaching a peak experience mixing behind Janis Joplin at the Auditorium Theatre. 

Whilst joining friends to homestead in rural Arkansas, nailing up barge rafters led to helping construct an Ohio geodesic dome home then volunteering at central Illinois Koster archeological dig. During a time producing PBS programs and university teaching in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a neighbor gladly accepted his free labor finishing a small adobe.

Three senior University of Arizona profs sought support of a consigliere/meeting planner aka ‘construction foreman’ in starting the Center for Consciousness Studies (from foundations to stairways to minds). Assisted developing conferences from Tucson to Stockholm to Tokyo.

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